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Services We Provide

Here at Hearing Solutions of Fairfax, P.C., we can help you by offering:

•  A Free Hearing Test Done Annually • A Free Lifestyle Consultation  A Free Hearing Aid Evaluation • Personalized Ear Plugs

Free Annual Hearing Test

Most people don't think about hearing when they think about their necessary routine check-ups.
Hearing is something that is often taken for granted, and therefore over-looked.

However, even a slight change in your hearing can impact your fatigue level, your memory, and your accuracy performing simple tasks if speech is involved. 

Thirty-two million Americans have a hearing loss but only 20% ever address it. Everyone's hearing declines with age.

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So make to see an audiologist for a yearly evaluation. It's important t have a baseline hearing test for your medical records not only to establish your current hearing acuity, but to be able to track any subtle changes resulting from aging, noise exposure, prescription medications or medical conditions.

Here at Hearing Solutions of Fairfax, P.C., we provide the test for absolutely free. So be sure to come see us once a year to find out how to keep your ears in their top condition possible.

Free Lifestyle Consultation

With the latest in hearing aid technology, we can help you find what will suit your lifestyle in all living environment needs.

We have all the latest assistive living technology, an in-office demo and technology room, and in-home set up and instruction. 

Here are some of the products we offer to make living with a hearing loss easier for you:

• Blue Tooth Technology • Amplified Telephones • Captioned Telephones • FM Systems
• Loop Systems • TV Listening Systems • Clock Signaler • Fire Alarm Signaler
• Door Bell Signaler • Carbon Monoxide Signaler • Weather Alert System • Personal Alerting System

Free Hearing Aid Evaluation

We try to make sure to find what hearing aids work just right for you. Not every hearing aid works right for everyone, so we let you have a 60-day trial to test out which hearing aid is best for you and your ears before you make a purchase. Some of the other services and products that we provide are:

• Informing ou of the latest in digital hearing aids
• Hearing aid repairs and services for all manufacturers
• Custom hearing aid molds
• Hearing aid maintenance kits
• Hearing aid cleaning and maintenance performed by our trained staff

Personalized Ear Plugs

We also offer products to help prevent hearing loss with involved with hearing-loss risk activities. This includes:

• Custom Ear Protection • Swim Plugs • Musician Plugs • Musician Monitors